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Yellowstone Wilderness
Outfitters Spotlight

By Jeffrey Rolo

The Call of Yellowstone

Few horsemen will deny the allure of experiencing luxurious dude ranches or working cattle ranches firsthand, but there are times when an adventurous spirit is left thirsting for a more unique horse vacation experience. A true horseback riding adventure. A true commune with the splendors of nature. A true return to the spirit of the Old West.

What if you could jump on a horse and just ride into the untamed wilds of Yellowstone National Park for days on end with little more than the shirt on your back? Does the idea of taking in the beauty of unspoiled nature and wildlife from the back of a horse call to you? Perhaps you would even like to engage in a bit of fly fishing or hiking along the way.

Such memorable adventures need not be a thing of dreams, for Jett Hitt, a licensed Yellowstone outfitter and lifelong horseman, offers a variety of horse vacations that you will likely never forget.

A Bear Cub

Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters can arrange adventurous horse vacations that last as little as a day or as long as their 80-mile, 8-day trek into the heart of Yellowstone Park. Calling these adventures "trail rides" would be an insult, for they are rugged yet thoroughly satisfying treks that will take you through countless miles of untouched land. Each night you will set up camp in a different area and enjoy the company of good friends, food and conversation before settling in for the night in preparation for another day of riding.

If you're looking for luxury and comfort then this isn't the horse vacation for you, but if you're searching for an unforgettable horseback adventure that may leave your body weary but your soul fulfilled, make sure you read our interview with Jett Hitt to learn more about him and the packages he offers.

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