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Breyer Traditional Horse Gallery

By Jeffrey Rolo

When the uninformed passerby glances at a Breyer Traditional horse model, more often than not they will dismiss it as a child's toy due to the fact it is crafted from a hard plastic (cellulose acetate to be exact) rather than a fragile material such as porcelain. But horse lovers know better. They know that although Breyer Traditional horse models are sturdy enough to be used as children's toys, they are the flagship line of the Breyer products and are designed first and foremost as collectibles.

Breyer Traditional models are designed to follow an approximate size scale of 1:9 when compared to an actual horse, though naturally such comparisons cannot be an exact science as all breeds and individual horses vary. The dimensions of a Traditional runs about 12" in length and 9" in height.

One of the reasons Breyer model horses can hold their value so well, and actually increase significantly in value over the years (some rare models can fetch prices over $1,000!), is that most are released in limited numbers. Some lines are produced for release during the duration of a year, while others are only available for a season, period of time or special event.

The reason I bring this up is many of the Traditional models you can view in this gallery may no longer be available. The primary purpose of the gallery is to showcase the quality and variety of the Breyer Traditional line, but if any of the ones displayed interest you then just click on the picture. You will be transferred to Salem Saddlery's Breyer horse section, one of the best sources for all the Breyer lines that we have found. And don't worry if they no longer carry the one you had your eye on, chances are there will be plenty of brand new models that will become tomorrow's limited collectibles.


American Saddlebred

Appaloosa Sport Horse



Belgian Mare

Big Ben

Black Beauty

Blackhome Grandeur Lyn




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