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Ride the Wind Ranch Spotlight

By Jeffrey Rolo

A herd of horses

A passion for horses and the ranching way of life transcends the North American borders, as evidenced by Hans and Kathy Rissi, who moved from Switzerland to the beautiful pastures of Canada to fulfill a dream and open Ride the Wind Ranch. Together they raise peaceful horses and proud herds of Texas Longhorn Cattle, enjoy the serenity of the country life, and most importantly of all welcome guests from around the world to their little slice of paradise.

Ride the Wind Ranch is a working cattle ranch owned and operated by the Rissi family, not an impersonal corporate retreat designed for large crowds. When you visit this ranch, you'll experience life on the old frontier much like the cowboys of old experienced. Ride the well-trained ranch horses. Help out with the standard ranch tasks such as herd maintenance. Indulge in hearty country cooking. Marvel at the breathtaking beauty of the Canadian wilderness. Or just sit back on the front porch and read a book as the peaceful sounds of nature emanate around you.

The cozy guest cabin

You can do all of the above and more during a stay at Ride the Wind Ranch. Outdoorsmen will find the land is very inviting for undisturbed hikes, and the more adventurous can even experience some canoeing on the nearby lakes and Clearwater River! Although horses play an integral role in this ranch, non-horsemen will find plenty to enjoy too.

Since Hans and Kathy Rissi raise and train their own horses, you can be assured of a good mount. What if you don't have a lot of horseback riding experience? No problem! Your hosts welcome riders of all experience levels, and will show new riders the ropes so that they too can enjoy the scenery from the back of a horse.

If you are thinking about reserving a horse or ranch vacation in the future, make sure you read our interview with Hans and Kathy to learn more about them and their ranch.

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