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Ponderosa Ranch Spotlight

By Jeffrey Rolo

Jeff, Katie & Trevor Lund

Do you long for the days of old, where the beauty of unspoiled nature was embraced rather than pushed aside in the name of "progress?" Well fear not, for although the advancement of technology and suburban-America steadily encroaches upon this nation's pristine lands, there are still some stewards of nature that uphold the old traditions.

Ponderosa Guest Ranch, a family-run working cattle ranch managed by Donna and Dale Steineke as well as their daughter and son-in-law Kim and Jeff Lund, is one such paradise. If you dream of spending time in the timberlands of Nebraska, enjoying such delights as nature's beauty, horse riding or even cattle herding then Ponderosa Guest Ranch may be worth your consideration.

While experiencing a Ponderosa vacation you may partake in activities such as:

bulletHorse riding
bulletCattle drives
bulletRailroad Photography
bulletBird Watching
bulletAnd more!

Of course experiencing the frontier life on a working cattle ranch can work up an appetite, so be prepared to satisfy your stomach at the end of the day with some delicious down-home cooking.

The guest cabin

There are many nearby attractions also available for guests at the ranch, ranging from museums and rodeos to golf and national landmarks (such as Mount Rushmore).

A final notable aspect to this guest ranch is their limited guest allowances. No more than four guests are currently accepted at one time, and you (and your small party) are housed within your own fully stocked cabin.

If the above sounds interesting to you then you won't want to miss our interview with the fine folks behind Ponderosa Ranch!

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