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Mister Ed DVD Review

Reviewed by Jeffrey Rolo

Picked up for syndication in 1961, Mister Ed quickly became one of America's most beloved television shows, going so far as to pick up a Golden Globe Award in 1963 for Best TV Show. Although the show ended in 1966, fans and horse lovers found new hope when the TVLand cable network began airing it once more. Now thanks to the recent release of a two DVD set by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, horse lovers have cause to celebrate... or to experience many nights of laughter!

So what makes this show such a beloved television classic?

At its core Mister Ed was a buddy show depicting the lives and friendship of Wilbur Post and his horse, Mister Ed. Of course there is one other small detail: Ed can talk, and elects to do so only to Wilbur. So began the hilarious adventures of an often-flustered architect and a horse that adamantly felt he was much more than just a horse. Mister Ed found nothing abnormal about escaping from his stall or picking up the phone to stir inevitable trouble for his owner and friend, and the series saw Ed do everything from play baseball to fly an airplane!

A concern for some might be whether a show created in the 60's would be outdated today, or appeal primarily to those who grew up back then. Well, yours truly wasn't even born until the early 70's came around and although I am skeptical of some shows from bygone decades, the first time I watched Mister Ed I was instantly and irreversibly drawn to it. Although the show was originally aired in the days of black and white, it is almost amazing just how timeless this television show feels. This show is not just a product of its time. It is a comedy masterpiece that is just as enjoyable and valid today as it was many years ago.

Comedies and even children's cartoons of today tend to incorporate mischief of a questionable variety, employing hints of vulgarity, rudeness or poor morals. Mister Ed is a breath of fresh air, for although Ed and Wilbur Post find themselves at good-humored odds quite often you can detect a genuine love and respect between them. There is no malice or mean-spiritedness among them, just pure hilarity of a scale that is almost unseen in movies and television today.

Mister Ed contained guest appearances by many of Hollywood's greatest during its run, such as George Burns, Clint Eastwood and Mae West. Although this DVD set does not contain the episode with Mae West's appearance, it does contain the other memorable visits in its 21-episode greatest hits collection. The true DVD aficionado or enthusiastic Mister Ed fan may complain about this release not being a Season One Collection instead of a Greatest Hits Collection, and I would have to agree with such a criticism. But nonetheless, beggars cannot be choosers and as such I welcome any opportunity to add Mister Ed to my permanent collection.

Since the horse is the major co-star of this comedy, the reason for its inclusion in the horse lover's gift guide should be fairly obvious. I believe this DVD set is a brilliant addition for any horse lover and feel anyone would be hard-pressed not to instantly fall in love with this charming classic.

Episodes included in this set are:

Disc One:

  • 1. The First Meeting
  • 2. Ed The Song Writer
  • 3. Psychoanalyst Show
  • 4. Wilbur Sells Ed
  • 5. The Horsetronaut
  • 6. Ed's Ancestors
  • 7. Mister Ed's Blues
  • 8. Zsa Zsa
  • 9. Ed, The Beneficiary
  • 10. Ed's Bed
  • 11. Horse Wash
  • 12. Ed The Beachcomber
  • 13. George Burns Meets Mr. Ed
  • Disc Two:

  • 14. Clint Eastwood Meets Mr. Ed
  • 15. Horse Sense
  • 16. Wilbur The Masher
  • 17. Ed The Emancipator
  • 18. The Price Of Apples
  • 19. Doctor Ed
  • 20. Ed The Zebra
  • 21. Wilbur Post, Honorary Horse

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