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Mane N Tail Shampoo: It's Not Just For Horses!

By Beth Williams

Hello everyone! I know what I'm about to do may sound a little weird to some of you, but I wanted to share one of the secrets among us cowgals: Mane N Tail shampoo! Although the AlphaHorse crew has listed it as one of their favorites when they talked about different horse shampoos, I'm not talking about using it on horses: I'm talking about using it on our own heads!

I have worked with horses for over ten years, and like many horse owners in my town I used this shampoo on my horses, but I never thought about using it on myself. Then one day while having lunch with some of my girlfriends, one of them who also owns a horse told us about how she uses Mane N Tail on herself too. We all laughed it up a bit and teased Jan about using horse shampoo, but she swore it was better than the salon stuff.

I have to tell you, I'm a country gal, so I have never been into salon brands or expensive shampoos. If a shampoo can keep my hair clean without drying it out, it has served its purpose. But you know how it is when someone imbeds some crazy idea into your brain and then you can't get it out of your head? Yah, that's what happened to me. I've heard people talk about using Mane N Tail shampoo for themselves before, but until my friend mentioned that she actually did use it, I never paid it much thought.

Anyways, one day curiosity finally got the best of me and I tried it out. Wow, my friend Jan was right! Mane N Tail shampoo not only washed the sweat and dust out of my hair much easier (since my hair goes a little below my shoulders, I usually have to give it 2 or 3 rounds before my hair is thoroughly cleaned), it also made it extra soft. And I thought the smell was fantastic too!

When I started using it regularly, I noticed that my hair appeared fuller too.

Since I liked it, and knew my friend used it too, I was curious to see just how many other women use it too, so I poked around the Internet. I found out that Jan and I weren't alone in using it: a lot of women were reporting great results with it.

Some of the websites I visited said that Mane N Tail was good for thinning hair, and helped make hair grow back faster. Honestly, I didn't notice any difference in my hair's growth, but since it's never been thin maybe that's why. I guess I could see how it would help those with thin hair since it did give my hair a softer, fuller texture.

Mane N Tail offers both shampoo and conditioner and although you don't need to use both all of the time, I think it's a good idea to use conditioner at least a couple times each week. The shampoo by itself did a great cleaning job, but most shampoos will slowly dry my hair out over time if I don't moisturize it with conditioner, and Mane N Tail was no different. It was better than the store-bought shampoos I was using, but the combination of the shampoo and conditioner is what really made my hair shine.

Oh, and ladies, although your boyfriend or husband might laugh at you if you ask them to use it, see if you can get them to! It works great on men's hair also. My significant other is Mediterranean, so his hair was always a little wiry. I finally convinced him to try Mane N Tail shampoo just for the fun of it, and it helped soften his hair too! He may be too embarrassed to admit he uses horse shampoo to any of his buddies, but it's much more fun to run my hands through his hair now.

I don't know if other horse shampoos also work as well as Mane N Tail, but that's because I am sticking with something that I know works. Next time you head home from the barn, steal some Mane N Tail from your horse and try it out, because as crazy as it sounds you may love it too. Oh, and if you don't happen to own a horse, you can probably find this brand at a local pet shop. I've also seen it in Walmart too (it was on the bottom shelf of the pet supply section at my local one), so it's pretty easy to find.

Editor's Note: The above article was written by Beth Williams, who enthusiastically wanted to share her opinion about Mane N Tail shampoo. I haven't used it on myself, but she is right that a lot of horsewomen besides herself do. I wasn't sure exactly where to put this article since AlphaHorse generally focuses on horses rather than people, but what the heck maybe some of the horsewomen out there will find her experience to be interesting.


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