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Lucasia Ranch Spotlight

By Jeffrey Rolo

Lucasia Ranch

Most people associate the Old West with the rustic states of the United States, and for good reason since the U.S. played an extremely influential role in defining the cowboy and frontier lifestyles. But it would be a serious error to forget about our neighbor to the North and their place in defining and upholding the Western lifestyle, for even today there are real working cattle ranches located in the Alberta providence that have historical ties to the U.S.

Lucasia Ranch, owned by Wayne and Judy Lucas, is one such guest ranch. The call of the West runs deep in this establishment, for the Lucas family has a long tradition of working with horses and cattle. The ranch itself also possesses a rich history that spans all the way back to the year 1881, when Captain Charles Augustus Lyndon, formerly of Salt Lake City, Utah, established the Circle L Ranch in the untamed Canadian frontier.

In 1974 the Lucas family purchased this recognized Alberta Historical Site, a prime location for their cattle and horse business. Although the name of the ranch changed with the transition of ownership, the spirit of the Old West remains alive and well thanks to the Lucas' responsible stewardship. The Lucas family also opened their working cattle ranch to guests, so horse lovers that are interested in experiencing this historical landmark and rustic lifestyle now have opportunity to do so.

Some of the activities you can expect during a Lucasia Ranch vacation are:

bulletHorseback riding An essential part of any horse vacation! Enjoy the satisfaction of the ranch's well-trained horses and pristine wilderness as you ride throughout the day.
bulletBird watching
bulletCampfire stories
bulletLocal tourist attractions
bulletAnd more!

Guests can choose to reside on their own private floor of the family ranch house and experience modern amenities during their horse vacation, or experience a truly pioneering adventure by residing in a cozy log cabin, sans standard accommodations like running water and a bathroom. (Don't worry there's a quality outhouse nearby!)

Does the above interest you? If so, make sure you don't miss our interview with Judy Lucas, who was kind enough to share some of her time for us.

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