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JX Ranch Spotlight

By Jeffrey Rolo

Long distance view of cow camp

Call JX Ranch a cattle ranch, call it a guest ranch or even call it a slice of the old west… just don't call it a dude ranch lest you wish for Tom and Mimi Sidwell, the ranch owners, to quickly correct you!

If asked how they differentiate themselves from a dude ranch, the proprietors would be quick to point out that a working cattle ranch caters to those seeking an authentic ranch experience, whereas dude ranches more often than not cater to individuals less concerned with authenticity and more concerned with comfort, luxury or convenience.

Of course this isn't to suggest the hosts at JX Ranch don't offer a relaxing vacation, for they offer just that, but when you reserve a ranch vacation with the Sidwell's you should expect to live the life of a cowboy, doing things such as:

bulletCattle drives
bulletPractice roping a calf "dummy"
bulletPerform chores around the farm, such as mending fences or feeding the stock (all optional, of course!)
bulletCool off with a swim in water storage tanks on the premises
bulletEnjoy down-home, lip-smacking western cooking
bulletCreate your own leather chaps to take home with you
bulletAnd of course... horse riding!

In fact the entire experience is so authentic that riding experience is not optional; it's mandatory to ensure your safety and the safety of the well-trained horses you will be paired with. The scenic lands of this New Mexican ranch may be gorgeous, but they can also be pretty rugged in places!

You're also welcome to take an afternoon or two away from the ranch to explore the local attractions such as Fort Sumner, NM, site of the Billy the Kid Museum, and Amarillo, Texas, site of American Quarter Horse Heritage Center & Museum.

The guest cabin

The authenticity of the ranch experience isn't the only thing that sets JX Ranch apart from dude ranches. Only one guest cabin exists on the premises, and guests are limited to no more than four at a time (unless a special exemption is agreed upon by the owners). This ensures a far more intimate and personal experience between you and your hosts… a refreshing difference from becoming just another face in a crowd.

The choice is yours how you wish to spend your afternoons.  You can work (and play!) on the ranch all day, relax in the cozy cabin, visit some of the attractions in nearby towns or just enjoy the scenic lands during a leisurely walk.  The bottom line is this:  if you're a horseman seeking a real slice of the frontier life, the Sidwell's guest ranch will offer you just that.

Are you curious to learn more?  Read our interview with Tom and Mimi Sidwell, or visit our JX Ranch Photo Gallery to view some gorgeous pictures.!

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