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Horse Vacations

A wide world of thrilling horse vacations awaits any horse lover, ranging from multi-day trail rides through the untouched jungles and mountains of exotic countries to living the genuine western experience on real working American cattle ranches. Not all vacations need be quite so grand or extended; it's quite possible to spend just an afternoon on a leisurely trail ride during a stop along an extended road trip.

The sheer quantity of horse-related activities and vacation spots available to you throughout the world is actually quite amazing the difficult part is uncovering these hidden gems!

The horse vacation category of AlphaHorse is dedicated to providing you a detailed look at some of these gems.

U.S. Ranches & Destinations

Although it may seem that the development of cities, suburbs and "civilization" has taken over America, pushing aside tradition and the true western experience, luckily there are still many, many dedicated ranch owners within the United States that adhere to the old ways, acting as stewards for nature, the land and the western tradition.

This section will offer a closer look at some quality horse ranches that may be perfect choices for your next vacation.


bulletSpotlight On Ponderosa Ranch
bulletInterview With Ponderosa Ranch

New Mexico

bulletSpotlight On JX Ranch
bulletInterview With JX Ranch


bulletSpotlight On Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters
bulletInterview With Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters

Canadian Ranches & Destinations

Our neighbor to the North is home to many quality guest ranches ranging from working cattle ranches that uphold the traditions of the Old West to modern dude ranches that place try to blend equal parts horses and luxury.  This section will offer a closer look at some quality destinations that may compliment your next vacation.

bulletSpotlight On Lucasia Ranch
bulletInterview With Lucasia Ranch

bulletSpotlight On Ride the Wind Ranch
bulletInterview With Ride the Wind Ranch

bulletSpotlight On Willow Lane Ranch
bulletInterview With Willow Lane Ranch


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