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Horse Tack

Horse tack is often a misunderstood element within the horse world. That statement may seem puzzling at first… after all, who doesn't know what a lead line, blanket or saddle is? Generally the confusion does not lie in knowing what these items are, but rather selecting the best type of item within a given category of horse tack to fulfill your needs.

For example, we all know what a horse blanket is… there is little mystery there. But did you know there are many different types of horse blankets, each with their own distinct functions and benefits? Do you know exactly why a domesticated horse may require a horse blanket? These are the types of questions that often bring about some confusion, and those are the questions that will be addressed in this area of AlphaHorse.

Horse tack is a term that includes bridles, saddles and such riding equipment, but horsemen often use the term in a manner that encompasses all horse tools and accessories, such as lead lines, curry combs, halters and more. This section will focus on all areas of horse tack (equipment), not just riding tack.

General Tack & Accessories

Whereas riding tack tends to steal the spotlight within the tack world, it is the common everyday tools and accessories that are the true unsung heroes. Chances are you will spend far more time working with your horse on the ground than on his back, and as such selecting the best leads, blankets, etc. for your needs is important.

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Riding Tack

Of course when it comes time to experience a restful trail ride or a competitive riding event, we want to make sure we have the best riding tack to suit our use. With so many different bits, saddles and riding disciplines it can be difficult to select the perfect pieces for our needs.

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