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Horse Shampoos That I've Used With Good Results

By Jeffrey Rolo

Since specific product recommendations can often prove useful to fellow horsemen, I'll be sharing some of the better horse shampoos that I and many of my peers both inside and outside of the show circuit have used when bathing a horse. If you haven't already read Horse Shampoo: Which Is The Best Mane And Tail Horse Shampoo? then I suggest doing so first since it explains how to go about selecting a shampoo appropriate for your horse's needs. This article will primarily be a listing of solid products that you probably wouldn't go wrong with giving a shot.

Since one size does not fit all when it comes to horse shampoos, I have used an assortment of brands, so I'm not exactly a brand loyalist. But bear in mind I've owned horses of all colors, and some of them were familiar with the show ring, so I cast a bigger net to squeeze out every slight advantage. For my non-show horses, I'll generally just stick with a single brand that I happen to have on-hand.

Here are the brands of horse shampoos that have proven effective and/or popular:

Mane n Tail – Produced by Straight Arrow, this is probably the brand that most horsemen are familiar with. It's inexpensive, widely available (you can pick it up at Walmart if you're not in the mood to stop by a tack store), and works like a charm. For these reasons, it's the one I use most for common baths.

Dirty Beastie – Produced by Wahl, this shampoo designed for all animals is pretty effective at wiping out stubborn stains. Unfortunately unless you reside in the U.K., you'll probably need to order online to give this a shot.

Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo – Although I am not a fan of using mane detanglers unless necessary, I've been happy with Cowboy Magic when I do need it. Their rosewater shampoo wasn't too shabby either.

EQyss Premier Shampoo – Although EQyss may not be as popular as Mane n Tail, those that have used it swear by it. They also offer a medicated shampoo for horses with special needs.

Rio Vista Equine Shampoo – Reasonably priced, cleans horses well, and even fights bacteria/fungus… what's not to like? I always try and keep some Rio Vista on hand.

Quic Silver Shampoo – Not the cheapest shampoo on the market, but if you want to make a gray or paint horse look spiffy then it may well be worth it since it does a good job making whites pop. If you own a paint, consider giving a full-body bath with Mane n Tail or another effective yet inexpensive brand, then wash the white portions of your horse with Quic Silver afterwards to give the white an extra boost.

I haven't had as much experience with EQyss and Dirty Beastie as I have with the others (which I have used frequently), but I included them in the list because some of my peers rave about them. By no means was this list of horse shampoos exhaustive, since covering every shampoo that I have tried and/or is available on the market would force me to write a novella. Instead I focused on brands that are generally kind on the wallet and effective.

Don't be afraid to test out various brands from time to time since you never know which ones both you and your horse will like the most. Coats, texture, skin sensitivity, color, scent… there are quite a few factors that go into finding the perfect match. For that reason, I keep Mane n Tail and/or Rio Vista on hand for general bathing, but I also experiment with other horse shampoos for fun from time to time.

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