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It's often been said that a horse lover "eats, sleeps and breathes horses," a statement which is indeed true. When we are away from our equine friends we often look towards other forms of entertainment that pertain to horses, such as an involving book or a riveting horse-themed movie and/or television show. Through such outlets we can continue to enjoy everything the horse world has to offer.

The AlphaHorse Reviews section of our site will try and help you seek out the visible and hidden diamonds of the horse world. Each of the reviews below is born from hands-on experience with the item, and each will be graded on the standard alphabetical system (A+, A, A-, etc.).

Horse Shows & Movies

Never has it been easier to enjoy a horse movie or television show from the comforts of your own home. Whether you are looking for a family-drama like The Horse Whisperer or a rollicking adventure like Hidalgo, DVDs allow you to experience the world of horse movies right from your own couch.

bulletHidalgo Movie Review
bulletMister Ed Review
bulletThe Horse Whisperer Movie Review
bulletSeabiscuit Movie Review
bulletSpirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron Movie Review
bulletThe Black Stallion Movie Review
bulletThe Black Stallion Returns Movie Review
bulletThe Wild Horse Redemption Movie Review

Horse Events

Horse movies and television shows have their place, but many horsemen find the experiences of a horse show and/or event to be unrivaled.  In this section we'll review a few of the nationally or internationally recognized horse events.

bulletEquine Affaire Review

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