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History Of Horses

The history of horses is almost as long and rich as that of our own. In fact, recent archaeological findings have indicated that humanity first started domesticating horses almost 5,000 years ago! Although such domestication certainly had practical purposes, horses join dogs as one of the very few animals that transcend the typical horse-animal relationships. Equines are, and have always been, far more than simple pack animals or sources of food: they have been partners that played a large role in allowing humanity to progress throughout history.

In this section of AlphaHorse we will celebrate this rich horse history. How did horses evolve over the ages? What is the history of horse domestication? How have equines played such a special role alongside mankind? We hope to answer these questions and more, so read on about the history of horses...

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bulletHistory Of The Rocking Horse
bulletHistory Of The Mountain Horse
bulletHorse Evolution: Development Of The Modern Equus
bulletCould The Evolution Of The Horse Be A Fraud?
bulletDid The Evolution Of Horses Really Take Place?

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