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Horse Fun And Games

You have entered the territory of Blonde Bart, master of the games at AlphaHorse. This skilled equine gamesman invites you to a healthy battle of wits and skill in hopes of carving another notch in his girth. Will you become just another casualty when pitted against his skill, or will you beat this ornery old coot at his own game?

"I challenge you to a battle of skill!"

Tests Of Knowledge

Mythological Horses Crossword

Make sure you have brushed up on your mythology before attempting this crossword, because Blonde Bart isn't pulling any punches!

Foals Quiz

Blonde Bart challenges you to get a passing grade in this quiz dedicated to the world of foals. Can you rate a 70% or higher? Try your luck and find out… and really put Bart in his place by scoring a 100%!

Word Seek:  Horse Breeds

50 horse breeds, some popular, some rare, have been hidden within a word seek puzzle by Bart since he believes only his pedigree is of any significance. Can you defeat his challenge and find all of the breeds?

Hang 'Em High

Bart turned the tables on a would-be cowboy and has now sent him to the gallows.  But if you manage to solve Bart's challenges, you can save the hapless cowboy before it's too late!

Beginner's Version  ||  Expert's Version


Tests Of Strategy

Bart's Scrambled Horse Puzzle

Blonde Bart has never been a fan of competition, so when he sees a beautiful horse portrait he'll scramble it up any chance he gets. Can you unscramble the horse puzzle and thwart Bart's efforts?

Bart's Horse Concentration

Concentration is a childhood favorite for most of us; a simple game to play, but a challenge to master.  See how quickly you can beat our version of Concentration... and uncover a vintage cowboy photograph in the process!


Tests Of Reflexes

Blonde Bart's Tetris

Although Tetris is not a horse game, Bart is here to tell you that horses enjoy it too! In fact he highly doubts you can survive any setting above level seven. Dare to prove him wrong? Test your reflexes with Tetris!

Behind Bars

Alas, a herd of horses has been imprisoned by the troublesome villain known as Blonde Bart. Can you break away each of the bricks so the horses can once again run free?

Bart's Pong Challenge

Blonde Bart, the self-proclaimed "Pongmeister," challenges you to show what you are made of.  Show him who the true master is now!

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