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Horse Care

Most of us would agree that our horses are more than just animals they are beloved partners whose comfort and health is important to us. Unfortunately like us, horses will inevitably become injured or ill, and it's at those times we panic most. Well...

...don't panic!

Most horse problems can be identified, hastily cured and better yet prevented with the proper knowledge. This area of the AlphaHorse site is designed to provide you the invaluable knowledge about horse care and horse health that you seek.

General Horse Care

Part of ensuring long-term horse health and quality of life comes with offering the proper care and maintenance that, while often simple to provide, do far more good than you might expect.  Also don't forget that regular, effective horse grooming is a critical part of any horse care program since it too promotes good health while also offering some significant social benefits.

bulletA Look At The Different Horse Wormers
bulletPreparing A Horse Worming Schedule
bulletProper Parasite Prevention Practices
bulletPreparing Your Foal For Weaning
bulletSafely Weaning A Horse
bulletAbrupt Or Gradual Weaning?
bulletTrimming Or Shoeing A Mountain Horse
bulletHorse Mating & Breeding:  Preparations
bulletHorse Mating & Breeding:  The Process
bulletFlies: The Bane of Horses
bulletHorse Liniment: How Equine Liniments Can Benefit Your Horse
bulletTypes Of Horse Liniments And When Each Should Be Used
bulletMeeting Your Horse's Nutritional Needs

Common Horse Health Ailments

Sometimes it is more devastating to us than our horse when he becomes wounded or catches an illness or infection. The articles in this section will cover some of the most important horse health issues, including the common causes of ailments (most are entirely preventable!), symptoms to look for and the treatments that will bring your equine partner back to good health.

bulletBone Remodeling And Bucked Shins
bulletHorse Strangles: Every Owner's Nightmare Part 1
bulletHorse Strangles: Every Owner's Nightmare Part 2
bulletThe Black-Hearted Monster Called Horse Thrush
bulletThe Rotten Truth Behind Rain Rot
bulletDon't Stress Over A Hoof Abscess
bulletFoal Scours: A Normal Rite Of Passage
bulletAddressing Horse Colic
bulletPreventing Horse Colic
bulletThe Equine Cushings Cure
bulletASD & Mountain Horses: The Symptoms
bulletASD & Mountain Horses: Breeding Concerns
bulletPreventing Horse Sunburns: The Causes
bulletPreventing Equine Sunburns: Preventative Measures
bulletPreventing Horse Sunburns: The Remedies
bulletHorse Whiskers (For Blind Horses) - Interview With The Creator

Horse Vices

It can be very upsetting when our beloved horse picks up a vice such as cribbing. Not only can these vices cause damage to your barn, they can cause irreparable harm to your horse's health depending on the type and degree. The articles in this section will cover some of the more common horse vices, prevention and most importantly potential cures.

bulletA Close Look At Horse Cribbing
bulletConquering Horse Cribbing
bulletWood Chewing: The Easily Preventable Vice
bulletWalking And Weaving All Night Long
bulletCreating A Barn Sour Horse
bulletWorking With A Barn Sour Horse Part 1
bulletWorking With A Barn Sour Horse Part 2
bulletThe Causes Of Horse Food Aggression
bulletHow To Control Food Aggressive Horses In Pastures
bulletControlling A Food Aggressive Horse In The Stall Part 1
bulletControlling A Food Aggressive Horse In The Stall Part 2
bulletControlling A Food Aggressive Horse In The Stall Part 3
bulletThe Food Anxious Horse: Recognize The Signs


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