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A Look At Horse Browband Products

The horse browband (the strap on a bridle or headstall that rests atop a horse's forehead just under the ears) is becoming an increasingly popular glamour accessory in many youth horse shows. Although most bridles come with pre-existing browbands, many horse riders are opting to discard the generic browbands in favor of a flashier, eye-catching version.

If you are a younger show rider (or the parent of one), you'll be glad to know there are quite a few options available to you if you want to make your horse's browband stand out from the rest:

knotted horse browband
Browband Headstall Knotted

Shop Around

You may be surprised at the variety of browbands and headstalls available in local equestrian shops and/or online horse stores. Whether you're looking for a beaded browband or something more down-to-earth such as the knotted browband pictured to the right, chances are you'll find something that suits your taste.

Customize Your Own

Many riders choose to build their own flashy creations by braiding fancy ribbons around an existing plain browband. The advantages to this are:

bulletYou can select colors that are
perfectly matched to your horse's coat.
bulletColorful ribbons complimented by fancy rosettes draw the eyes.
bulletThe required equipment can be purchased very inexpensively at any crafts store!

Braiding fancy ribbon browbands does take a bit of practice, but luckily almost anyone of any age can create their own impressive pieces if they put some time into it. If this option interests you I suggest visiting the following instructional links below:

bulletStep-By-Step Ribbon Browbands
bulletStep-By-Step Browband Rosettes

Whether purchasing a fancy horse browband product or customizing your own, it's imperative that you make sure you select the proper size for your horse's head. Read our article Anatomy Of A Bridle for more information about properly fitting a browband (as well as the other parts of a bridle).

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