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Bart's Hang 'Em High - Expert

It seems a rustler attempted to tame the quarrelsome Bart and met with complete failure. Now the hapless cowboy stands on the gallows and awaits his fate... a fate which you will ultimately determine!

If you can guess the correct answers to the general categories Bart provides you, you will buy the cowboy a momentary reprieve.  But if you guess incorrectly too many times, you'll leave the poor rustler hanging.

Since you have informed Bart that you are an old hand at his version of Hangman, he's going to make things even more difficult by providing just broad categories as clues.  If you decide you would rather try your hand at the beginner's version of Hang 'Em High, click here.  

There are currently 50 challenges which will be selected randomly.

Note:  Some of the answers may contain multiple words, but Bart isn't going to make it easy for you!  Multi-word clues will be masked with an underscore rather than appear as an obvious space between the two words (i.e., horse_game).  Good luck!

Have you successfully completed Bart's Hang 'Em High challenge?  Then try your luck at another of his horse games!

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