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Before submitting your work, make sure it adheres to the following guidelines:

bulletYour work must be directly related to horses. If it will not be of interest to fellow horse lovers, it will not be included on this site.
bulletYour work must be acceptable for a family atmosphere. Offensive language or content will not be accepted.
bulletYour work must be of genuine interest to our readers. We will not accept articles that are little more than masked solicitations for a product or service.
bulletYour work must be an original piece that does not violate any copyrights.
bulletWe have the right to correct possible typos and grammar errors, but we will not modify your submission in any significant manner without your consent.
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There are no size requirements for your submission - it can be as simple as a photo to as complex as an educational article. So become an AlphaHorse Contributor today and share your work with the horse world!

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