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About Us

AlphaHorse was started in 2004 with the purpose of becoming a repository for a wide variety of horse-related content ranging from health care and training advice to news from the horse world and plain old-fashioned fun and games.

Jeffrey Rolo, the owner and founder of AlphaHorse, has over fifteen years experience as a horse owner, trainer and breeder. In addition he serves as a partner in a family food manufacturing business as well as an independent contractor for an online gaming company, where he serves as the supervisor for human resources.

But AlphaHorse is far more than a one-man operation; it also owes its existence to the contributions of other experienced horsemen and horse lovers, as well as you – our appreciated visitors.

We would love to hear any thoughts or comments you may have about AlphaHorse, particularly ideas that will help improve your experience with us. Perhaps you would also like to contribute to our site in the form of articles or photos? If so we would love to see what you have to offer!

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