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AlphaHorse News - The Truth about Mane Supplements

Last week I promised that the final two articles in our "How Can I
Make My Horse's Mane And Tail Thicker?
" series would arrive soon. The
first two articles have certainly proven to be useful, and just
following that advice will put you ahead of the game.

But many horse owners are always looking for more. They want to use
every weapon in their arsenal to keep their horse's manes and tails
long, thick and untangled, including the use of various horse products
and/or supplements. The costs of these products can add up over
time... but are they worth it?

Maybe... if you know what you're doing. And that's what we're going
to look at now.

In Part 3 of our series, we're going to take a look at detanglers,
shampoos, conditioners and more. Could it be possible that detanglers
actually *harm* your horse's mane? What about shampoos and
conditioners... are there any magical products that promote hair
growth? Did you know that if you don't apply both products properly
you can actually hurt your horse's mane integrity?

Get the answers to these questions and more here:


Part 4 concludes the series by focusing on braids and nutrition. Do
braids help or hinder? How does nutrition enter the picture?
Finally, could supplements actually promote hair growth? (Hint: The
answer is yes, and I'll share more than six effective supplements with
you... including one that is the secret weapon of many elite horse

Learn about supplements and more here:


Before I wrap this letter up, I would like to remind you all that as
subscribers, I value your thoughts, input and questions. I receive a
great deal of questions from visitors and subscribers alike, and
although I do a pretty good job of trying to respond to as many as
possible, I always give priority to you folks.

So if you ever zap me any questions or topic requests for upcoming
articles, please mention that you're a subscriber so that I can
prioritize you.

Thanks for reading this letter, and have a great

Best Regards,
Jeffrey Rolo

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