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AlphaHorse News - Preserve Your Horse's Mane and Tail!

After an abnormally cold month of April, things finally started
warming up nicely around my parts. The first real stretch of warm
weather might bring up images of lounging on lawn chairs and taking in
the Spring for some people, but if you're on this list there's a good
chance it means something else for you: helping your horse rid himself
of that pesky winter coat!

As promised in the last issue of AlphaHorse News, I'm going to be
releasing a series of articles that deals with horse manes and tails.
This issue will kick things off with parts one and two of the series.

In part one of "How Can I Make My Horse's Mane And Tail Thicker?" I
will explore some of the causes of thinning manes and tails, as well
as discuss how to groom a mane and tail to best preserve its thickness
and length. Since Mountain Horses should all possess thick, luxurious
manes and tails, it's a topic I'm intimately familiar with. Which
equipment and methods do I recommend? The answer may surprise you...


In the second part of the article we continue looking at some of the
causes for hair loss. Could your barn or pasture be causing hair
loss? Could nearby horses? Are mane and tail wraps worth the bother,
or could they potentially make the problem worse? Learn the answers
to these questions and more at:


If you would like your horse to possess a mane thick enough to make a
lion envious, these two articles will get you off to a good start. Be
on the lookout for the next AlphaHorse News update, because we're
going to wrap this series off with two jam-packed articles that
explores the use of supplements, grooming products like detanglers,
and more. Some of what you'll learn may shock you.

Until then, enjoy your weekend and the final days of April!

Best Regards,
Jeffrey Rolo

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