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AlphaHorse News - February, 2007

This month's issue, just like the month of February itself, will be a bit shorter than the previous one, but that having been said I think that although it'll be a quick read, it'll be of interest to many of you.  I'll be offering up my thoughts on the personal benefits that can be gained from working with horses, plus you'll receive an insider's look at the famous and amazingly large horse event: The Equine Affaire.

So with that said, let's head into the meat of this issue…

In This Issue:

bulletPersonal Benefits of Training Horses
bulletExperience The Equine Affaire

Personal Benefits of Training Horses

We receive e-mails daily ranging from comments and compliments about AlphaHorse to questions about training and horse care, and as many of you know I do my best to answer as many of these e-mails as possible. Recently I received an e-mail from a student that posed an interesting question: what benefits do I gain by training horses.

Normally horsemen focus on the benefits we provide to horses, but we don't often verbalize the benefits we ourselves gain. I decided that in addition to answering her e-mail I'd write up a quick article that outlines the personal benefits that I believe we gain from our relationships with horses.

Read over the article and see if you agree: Personal Benefits of Training Horses

Experience The Equine Affaire

Although we're just about to enter the month of March, there is an equestrian event I wanted to tell you about that will take place April 12-15th: the internationally recognized Equine Affaire.

It will take place in Columbus, Ohio, and if you've never attended this event I'd strongly suggest that it would be a perfect spontaneous vacation experience. I rarely travel far for horse shows, but the Equine Affaire makes typical horse shows pale in comparison. It's more than a show… it's an event.

I've written a more thorough review of my experiences with the Equine Affaire, both as an exhibitor and as a spectator. If you have never attended this prestigious event and would like an inside look to see if it might be right for you, check out the review at: Experience The Equine Affaire

Well, that's it for this issue. Enjoy the final days of winter, and look out for the next issue of AlphaHorse News. It will tackle a timely topic that concerns most horsemen as we prepare our horses for the upcoming riding season. More on that next issue…

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